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Something new for you. #TYGABITES: Baked Boneless Chicken

Being stuck in quarantine has likely landed you in one of two camps; learning how to cook or getting way more use out of your favorite delivery apps.

If you’re part of the latter, rapper Tyga‘s new venture will definitely make you perk up. Tyga joins forces with renowned restaurateur Robert Earl and Earl’s son Robbie, for the launch of TYGA BITES, a celebrity-owned virtual dining concept. The restaurant is available through GrubHub and will help you feel less guilty about your chicken nugget habit. “TYGA BITES is a delivery-only concept that specializes in antibiotic-free, oven-baked, boneless chicken bites."

Not only are they baked, but Tyga made sure there are tons of dipping sauces (12 to be exact) on top of the three flavors of the dusted nuggets– black garlic, lemon black pepper, and peri-peri.

“I wanted to make sure the whole menu, flavors, and even the packaging was on point,” said Tyga. “The bites are baked just right; choose a dip then take a sip! I even threw in some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.”

Tyga has been an inspiration to collaborate with on this brand—his instincts are spot-on,” said Robert Earl, Founder of Virtual Dining Concepts. “Consumers can now enjoy TYGABITES at home through our partnership with Grubhub, offering contact-free delivery for everyone’s added comfort and peace of mind.”

TYGA BITES will be launching in the Philadelphia market before the months end. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled (and your stomach's ready) for the innovative new and healthier take on chicken! Order on Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash, and Postmates

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