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Ike Cassoboon realized his creativity and expertise for delicious seafood cuisine in 1980.  He started out with a small stand doing festivals with a variation of food products.  During one of his festivals, he decided to bring along a few of his mothers crabcakes.  People "went F*ing nuts" (an Ike quote) about them.  He quickly decided to start the brand Ike's Famous Crabcakes.  To rewind a bit, Ike had his fair share of jobs.  He was a chef at the original Cheesecake Factory in California, he cooked on a scallop boat- cooking for the crew at sea for days at a time.  He also produced custom handmade highly detailed fishing rods.  Ike's first "restaurant" was Ike's Canyon Grill in the center of the Canyon Club in Cape May NJ.  


In 1990, Ike took over the lease at 1344 Boardwalk from Fat Jacks BBQ.  In 2004, he doubled the size of the restaurant.

And this still remains the home of the original IFC.  Ike’s has offered a casual and fun dining experience for the whole family.  30 years later, we're still taking great pride in each and every dish, made with only the highest quality ingredients and cooked to order.

Frank & Alec Palmieri took over in 2012, bringing new energy, but still mastering the perpetual recipe's that Ike created. Frank & Alec both had the opportunity to be chefs in the kitchen of Ike's Famous Crabcakes prior to taking over. Frank's experience dates back to 2005, when his dream of becoming a restaurant owner himself, was born.  In 2020 we celebrated 30 years in business on the Ocean City Boardwalk.  

To this day, Ike’s Famous Crabcake's remains an Ocean City staple, keeping Ike's legend alive one Famous Crabcake at a time!


Stop in for lunch, dinner, or just to say hi!  

If you're not in Ocean City, look for us at one of our Festivals, or stop by our online shop to purchase our

Famous Crabcakes, Crab Balls, Homemade Sauces and our newest Merchandise - delivered right to your doorstep!


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