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Moving forward...

It has now been nearly three weeks since Mayor Gillian made the decision to open our boardwalk and beaches. Visitors have quickly filled in since the opening, resulting in a feeling of a bit of normalcy. But, we must ensure that our visitors and our employees alike remain safe and healthy. So we've continued implementing new rules and methods so we can bring you the taste of summer that you're used to.

We have not been informed on dates for opening our dining room or the potential for outdoor seating. So, for now, we are serving you from both of our OC Boardwalk locations via takeout. Our 8th Street location is offering walk up service as well as call in service (609-840-6403). Our 13th Street location is also offering walk up and call in with the addition of a curbside pickup service (609-814-1700 - call the restaurant and we'll run it out to you!). Lastly, we are offering an online ordering service, which is fulfilled by and can be picked up at our 13th street location. In all of these cases, PLEASE USE A FACE COVERING when placing or picking up your order, and PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING while waiting!

For now, all of our transactions will be through contactless credit card. We felt the need to remove cash from the premises until we had a complete staff offering us the ability to separate any possibility of cross contamination.

We presume our dining rooms will have the opportunity to open in the very near future. So we have been taking the necessary measures to assure the safety of our patrons and staff. Our menu will be offered through a contactless QR code located at each sittable table. Just scan the QR code using your phones camera, and you'll have the ability to read through our menu straight from your phone. For those of your without your phone, we will have disposable menus upon request.

Our goal is to provide you our seafood classics, while keeping each and every one of you safe and healthy. Our staff is well trained on all the rules we are implementing. These are trying times for us all, and we are all learning and making changes as we move forward. Please be patient with our staff, providing you the best customer service is of extreme importance. We look forward to serving you.

Brighter days are ahead!

Thank you!!

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